As Sunset Approached

As sunset approached, she made sincere and heartfelt du'a, knowing that this is the time when supplications are readily accepted; the time between Asr and Maghrib salah; the time just before the fast is broken. She prayed for her fast to be accepted. She prayed for forgiveness for all of the muslims and herself. She … Continue reading As Sunset Approached

Two Years a Muslim

More than two years gone by. Simultaneously a lifetime and a brief passing moment. Such a short time since she uttered a few significant words that changed her life. A sentence, so powerful and momentous when said with conviction and belief. Something she now says several times a day throughout her prayers. For two years … Continue reading Two Years a Muslim

Algerian Proverb: A Time for Talk

لكل مقام مقال Transliteration: Likoli maqamin maqal Literal translation: To every situation there is a conversation Essentially this proverb is conveying the fact that there is a time to talk about everything. Any given topic of conversation is not necessarily appropriate for any given situation. Sometimes, depending on the setting, the environment and the people … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: A Time for Talk

What is Love

Love is support, holding you up strong and high; it wipes your tears whenever you cry Love is laughter, infectious and true; it starts in your heart and goes all the way through Love is gold but not for fools; it's held to no laws, boundaries or rules Love is a cool breeze on a … Continue reading What is Love

HER Stories: Her First Ramadan

She remembered her first Ramadan with awe at the journey she made to get there and how her journey had continued since. She was a brand new Muslim. Her first Ramadan came just a month after she said her shahada. Her imaan was soaring and she was filled with a deep and immovable strength. She … Continue reading HER Stories: Her First Ramadan

Five of my Favourite Du’as

The Prophet (SAW) said: "Three supplications will not be rejected, the supplication of the parent for his child, the supplication of the one who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveller." [Al-Bayhaqi, al-Tirmidhi – Sahīh] The du'a (supplication) of the one who is fasting will not be rejected. The blessed month of Ramadan, the … Continue reading Five of my Favourite Du’as

May Your Ramadan be…

May your Ramadan be the most blessed and successful one you have ever experienced May you be showered and surrounded by blessings  May your Ramadan be life changing and make you a better Muslim than you ever were May the changes you make stay with you when Ramadan leaves May your Ramadan be filled with … Continue reading May Your Ramadan be…

Abdullah & Zaheera – A Story within a Story

This is another excerpt from the novel I am working on. It is a completely different point in time from the others and it is a story within the story. Hope you enjoy! Ryan whispered something into Yasmin’s ear and she nodded. “Ommi, can we have a story?” She asked, as Ryan blushed. Fatima smiled, … Continue reading Abdullah & Zaheera – A Story within a Story