HER Stories: Anisah and Sabrina – Part I

This was published in Issue 4 of Unread, a new up and coming magazine which has a wide range of articles from recipes, current affairs, travel pieces and creative writing. I hope you enjoy part 1 of this short story and please check out the magazine! 🙂   Sabrina was her ride or die. Sabrina … Continue reading HER Stories: Anisah and Sabrina – Part I


Seven Nights

Another sunset arrived and with it came a crashing disappointment. Another day gone by with no word from him at all. Another day passed by without any sign of him fulfilling his promise to her. He was increasingly running out of time in which to keep his promise. Her days were numbered and each sunset … Continue reading Seven Nights

Abdullah and Zaheera: Continued

Here is another excerpt from the novel I am working on, following on from the first part here. Zaheera walked for hours. It was getting dark now; she knew because she could feel the chill enclosing around her. She decided to bury herself in the sand to try and keep warm. She felt a sudden … Continue reading Abdullah and Zaheera: Continued

HER Stories: Samira

Another fictional story for the series about a young unmarried Muslim woman who falls pregnant and how men and women who make the same mistakes suffer vastly different consequences.    She was pregnant. Pregnant. She had been trying to get hold of him continuously for days. Sometimes the phone rang out and eventually went to … Continue reading HER Stories: Samira

HER Stories: Alexa

Let me tell you about Alexa. A strong, brave woman who only discovered the depths of her strength when she was fighting for her life. Although Alexa is not real, her story is. She had loved him, truly and without limitations. Even now, even after everything; Rory would always be the love of her life, … Continue reading HER Stories: Alexa

A Woman Scorned – Part 5

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 After Elena posted her letter to the prison, she was torn. She contemplated what the end of her letter implied. She thought about ending everything. She thought about how she would do it; so many methods poured through her mind. Nobody was there to stop her and … Continue reading A Woman Scorned – Part 5

A Woman Scorned – Part 4

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 He held the envelope in his hands, debating whether to rip it into shreds or read what she had to say. What would be the point, he thought to himself, anything she had to say would only make him feel worse. When the letter arrived, he had recognised Elena's handwriting on … Continue reading A Woman Scorned – Part 4

The Spare Room

Zaynab was woken up softly by her husband, Hassan, excitedly telling her to come downstairs where he would be waiting for her. She said alhamdulillahil-lathee 'ahyana ba'da ma 'amatana wa'ilayhin-nushoor (Praise is to Allah Who gives us life after He has caused us to die and to Him is the return). She thanked Allah for a … Continue reading The Spare Room