The Ones whose Hearts are Torn

Allah said: I am with the ones whose hearts are torn Hadith Qudsi Allah is with the ones whose hearts are torn. He is with those souls who can't sleep at night from the pain of their broken hearts. Those ones whose hearts have been trodden on and left with a reminder.Β Hearts in shreds, battered … Continue reading The Ones whose Hearts are Torn

The Power of Pain

When you have a wound, an injury or an ailment of any kind, Β whether it be in the form of the physical, psychological, spiritual or of the heart, the presence of the pain can have a power over you. When you think about the pain you pay some of your attention to the injury and … Continue reading The Power of Pain


When you find what you need, exactly what you desire...when you aren't looking for it and when you least expect it. When he has all the qualities you didn't even know you needed,Β as well as the ones you wanted. When his personality compliments yours in so many ways, momentously and subtly. When you couldn't have … Continue reading Serendipity

A Dangerous thing Called Hope

"Having a ray of hope dangled in front of you and then abruptly snatched away is far worse than never having hope at all." - Yasmin (in my as yet untitled novel) Sometimes hope can be the most painful, cruelest of companions. It lets you believe and expect. It lets you raise it beyond all … Continue reading A Dangerous thing Called Hope

Her Flaws

Her flaws stared her in the eyes as she looked at her reflection. Each flaw boldly presented itself, never to be forgotten or go unseen. Her eyes a little too dark. Her eyebrows a little too sparse. Her cheekbones not defined enough. Her skin not smooth enough, dotted with freckles and blemishes and imperfections. Her … Continue reading Her Flaws

One Step at a Time

You put one foot in front of the other. One step at a time. Every day with its own struggles. New problems and stress arise as you wait unsuspecting. All you can do is put one foot in front of the other. One step at a time you make it through each day. Days when … Continue reading One Step at a Time

A Stranger’s Pain

Busy streets, people rushing past. Strangers and blank faces flow by without so much as a glance or a blink of an eye to one another. Without acknowledging or recognising their fellow human beings. Suits and designer dresses breeze past homeless people on the corner of the street. Everyone breezes past each other. Not reaching … Continue reading A Stranger’s Pain

The Nun and the Muslimah

You respect her, While you suspect me. You smile at her, And you widen your eyes at me. You don't question her lifestyle, so different from yours, Yet I am alienated despite having more in common. She vows never to marry, While marriage and children is encouraged for me and you. Her head dress doesn't … Continue reading The Nun and the Muslimah