Day 15 of the October writing prompt challenge Calm The calm before the storm Quiet and still and waiting Knowing Expecting But calm The calm after the passion Recovering and learning lessons Content Breathing And calm The calm in between the anxieties Safe and full of wisdom Experienced Trusting And calm The calm after the … Continue reading Calm



Day 13 of the October writing prompt challenge! Unwritten My future self sits at the table, or sits by the window, or on the sofa... With one of my many notebooks and a pen in my hands, or my laptop, or a scrap piece of paper... And I write the words that come to me, … Continue reading Unwritten

A Lost Key

Day 7 of the October writing prompt challenge. A Lost KeyThe box sat in the middle of the table. She studied its every detail. It was more than a century old. A beautiful box adorned with intricate carvings of lustrous patterns. It was made from a rich mahogany and the edges were all trimmed with … Continue reading A Lost Key

To Do

Day 6 of the October writing prompt challenge To Do All that was left was a To Do list of meaningless things. Buy bin bags Fix leaky tap Call electricity supplier Find cheaper broadband Water plants Buy cat food Clean the windows Meaningless. Mundane. These things went unfinished but they would have added no real … Continue reading To Do


Day 5 of the October writing prompt challenge Time A day without him went by like a week. A day with him passed as quickly as a second. And the time they had together seemed so little and felt even less. She lost herself in his company. As in she lost all of her worries, … Continue reading Time

Candy Wrapper

Day 4 of the October writing challenge Candy wrapperHow could a candy wrapper mean anything, how could a candy wrapper have any value or sentimental meaning... because he gave her that candy. At the time, once she had opened it and eaten the candy, all the wrapper represented was rubbish. She put it in her … Continue reading Candy Wrapper


Day 3 of the October writing challenge Horses She walked through the empty field and all that was running through her mind was the decision she had to make. Time was running out. In the field next to her were three horses. One had a powerful and quiet presence with a coat as deep and … Continue reading Horses


Day 2 of the October writing prompt challenge. Hunger There are different types of hunger. There is the hunger for achievement, driving you to push and work hard, whether that achievement is academic, work or creative. This hunger can be quenched momentarily but it will always insist you strive for more. There is the hunger … Continue reading Hunger