The Ones whose Hearts are Torn

Allah said: I am with the ones whose hearts are torn Hadith Qudsi Allah is with the ones whose hearts are torn. He is with those souls who can't sleep at night from the pain of their broken hearts. Those ones whose hearts have been trodden on and left with a reminder. Hearts in shreds, battered … Continue reading The Ones whose Hearts are Torn

The Mountain of Acquaintance

She thought of the ones who came first on this earth. The very first humans. Adam (AS) and Hawwa. The way they were both cast down to this earth to stay here for the rest of their lives. Not only that, but they were both cast down to completely different parts of the world. Adam … Continue reading The Mountain of Acquaintance

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world, to the ummah, my brothers and sisters who I love for the sake of Allah. Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum (May Allah accept it from you and us). I pray you all have a beautiful and blessed day. But don't let it make you forget. When you … Continue reading Eid Mubarak!

The Nun and the Muslimah

You respect her, While you suspect me. You smile at her, And you widen your eyes at me. You don't question her lifestyle, so different from yours, Yet I am alienated despite having more in common. She vows never to marry, While marriage and children is encouraged for me and you. Her head dress doesn't … Continue reading The Nun and the Muslimah

Arabic Proverb: Silence is an Answer to the Stupid

Today I wanted to share an Arabic proverb which is so simple yet powerful السكوت على الاحمق جوابه Literal translation: Silence is an answer to the stupid. There are some things which, to put it frankly, do not deserve a response. For whatever reason that may be, sometimes people are looking for a reaction of … Continue reading Arabic Proverb: Silence is an Answer to the Stupid

As Sunset Approached

As sunset approached, she made sincere and heartfelt du'a, knowing that this is the time when supplications are readily accepted; the time between Asr and Maghrib salah; the time just before the fast is broken. She prayed for her fast to be accepted. She prayed for forgiveness for all of the muslims and herself. She … Continue reading As Sunset Approached

Two Years a Muslim

More than two years gone by. Simultaneously a lifetime and a brief passing moment. Such a short time since she uttered a few significant words that changed her life. A sentence, so powerful and momentous when said with conviction and belief. Something she now says several times a day throughout her prayers. For two years … Continue reading Two Years a Muslim

HER Stories: Her First Ramadan

She remembered her first Ramadan with awe at the journey she made to get there and how her journey had continued since. She was a brand new Muslim. Her first Ramadan came just a month after she said her shahada. Her imaan was soaring and she was filled with a deep and immovable strength. She … Continue reading HER Stories: Her First Ramadan