HER Stories: Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell was a British woman who worked as a nurse in German occupied Belgium during the First World War. Edith worked as a governess in Belgium before she trained as a nurse in London. She worked in several hospitals in England before she was invited to set up a nurses' training school in Belgium … Continue reading HER Stories: Edith Cavell

HER Stories: Her First Ramadan

She remembered her first Ramadan with awe at the journey she made to get there and how her journey had continued since. She was a brand new Muslim. Her first Ramadan came just a month after she said her shahada. Her imaan was soaring and she was filled with a deep and immovable strength. She … Continue reading HER Stories: Her First Ramadan

HER Stories: She Saved Herself

She was trapped in her own mind with her perilous thoughts. Each one torturing her, tormenting her. She needed someone to save her. To save her from herself.  She began suffocating as each thought pushed her down further. But she couldn't wait around to be saved, she had to save herself. She had to fight back. … Continue reading HER Stories: She Saved Herself

HER Stories: The Suffragettes

Suffrage: the right to vote in political elections.  In the UK, women only won the right to vote in the year 1918, just under 100 years ago. Even then, it was only women over the age of 30 who were householders, whereas that year saw all men over the age of 21 granted suffrage. Women … Continue reading HER Stories: The Suffragettes

HER Stories: Barakah / Umm Ayman

The only name she was known by was Barakah. There is no information about her parents or her ancestors and she did not know herself. She was Ethiopian. This suggests that she was descended from slaves to the extent that she had no idea of her lineage. This seemingly insignificant and often forgotten woman, was the … Continue reading HER Stories: Barakah / Umm Ayman

HER Stories: Samira

Another fictional story for the series about a young unmarried Muslim woman who falls pregnant and how men and women who make the same mistakes suffer vastly different consequences.    She was pregnant. Pregnant. She had been trying to get hold of him continuously for days. Sometimes the phone rang out and eventually went to … Continue reading HER Stories: Samira

HER Stories: The Voice of Women

Shh they told her. Don't speak, they hushed. You're speaking nonsense. You're being dramatic. You're being emotional. All her life she had been made to feel that what she had to say wasn't important because she was a woman. If she raised her voice she was rebuked for her un-ladylikeness. If she was passionate and … Continue reading HER Stories: The Voice of Women

HER Stories: Charlotte Brontë

In this post of HER Stories I wanted to share the story of one of my literary heroines. Through loss and hardship she was patient and her writing was all the more beautiful for it. Charlotte Brontë was born in 1816 and was the third daughter of her parents Reverend Patrick and Maria Brontë. When … Continue reading HER Stories: Charlotte Brontë