Abdullah and Zaheera: Continued

Here is another excerpt from the novel I am working on, following on from the first part here. Zaheera walked for hours. It was getting dark now; she knew because she could feel the chill enclosing around her. She decided to bury herself in the sand to try and keep warm. She felt a sudden … Continue reading Abdullah and Zaheera: Continued

Abdullah & Zaheera – A Story within a Story

This is another excerpt from the novel I am working on. It is a completely different point in time from the others and it is a story within the story. Hope you enjoy! Ryan whispered something into Yasmin’s ear and she nodded. “Ommi, can we have a story?” She asked, as Ryan blushed. Fatima smiled, … Continue reading Abdullah & Zaheera – A Story within a Story

HER Stories: She Saved Herself

She was trapped in her own mind with her perilous thoughts. Each one torturing her, tormenting her. She needed someone to save her. To save her from herself.  She began suffocating as each thought pushed her down further. But she couldn't wait around to be saved, she had to save herself. She had to fight back. … Continue reading HER Stories: She Saved Herself

HER Stories: Samira

Another fictional story for the series about a young unmarried Muslim woman who falls pregnant and how men and women who make the same mistakes suffer vastly different consequences.    She was pregnant. Pregnant. She had been trying to get hold of him continuously for days. Sometimes the phone rang out and eventually went to … Continue reading HER Stories: Samira

When a Writer Falls in Love with You

When a writer falls in love with you, they say you'll never die. Your essence and your soul will remain in the words they poured their love into. The words you said and the way you looked at them are described poetically to make you come alive every time the words are read again. Every … Continue reading When a Writer Falls in Love with You

The Circuit

I woke up, with a few seconds of familiar yet short lived relief, before I remembered. Who I am, what happened and where I was. Such a short reprieve from my permanent grief. All that was needed for the train to hit me full force over and over again was for the memory to rear … Continue reading The Circuit

A Woman Scorned – Part 5

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 After Elena posted her letter to the prison, she was torn. She contemplated what the end of her letter implied. She thought about ending everything. She thought about how she would do it; so many methods poured through her mind. Nobody was there to stop her and … Continue reading A Woman Scorned – Part 5

Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 3

Rays of sunshine emerged through gaps in the persistent and ever lingering clouds. Like rays of hope they shone amidst, and despite of, a bleak background. Rays showing her glimpses of beauty which she chose not to see before. Reflections glittered where dull waters lay previously. Colours developed and changed as the light drew over … Continue reading Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 3