Algerian Proverb: Friendship

الربا فالخلطة والربح من الاعتزال، كل من تقول حبيبك تلقاه سم قاتل Transliteration: Arba felkholta werrabh min al i3tizal, kol men t9ol 7bibek tel9ah sem 9atel Literal translation: Losing is in having too many friends and success is having limited friends. Whoever you say is my friend, you find them to be a venom. This basic meaning of … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: Friendship

Algerian Proverb: A Time for Talk

لكل مقام مقال Transliteration: Likoli maqamin maqal Literal translation: To every situation there is a conversation Essentially this proverb is conveying the fact that there is a time to talk about everything. Any given topic of conversation is not necessarily appropriate for any given situation. Sometimes, depending on the setting, the environment and the people … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: A Time for Talk

Algerian Proverb: When they’re Gone it’s Too Late

كي كان حي اشتاق تمرة، كي مات علقولو عرجون Transliteration: Ki kan Hay chtaq temra ki mat 'alqolo 'arjoun Literal translation: When he was alive he craved a date, when he died they hung a bunch for him. When he was alive, hungry and poor, craving a date, no one offered him any help. Nobody … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: When they’re Gone it’s Too Late

Algerian Proverb: The Incomparable

واش جاب الشوك لحب لملوك  Transliteration: Wash jab chouk lhab lemlouk Literally translated this means: You can't compare thorns to raspberries. The meaning of this proverb is that you can't compare the incomparable. I love this saying in Algerian Arabic because it rhymes - it rolls off the tongue so easily when you've learnt it … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: The Incomparable

Algerian Proverb: People with No Benefit

I want to start regularly sharing and writing about Algerian proverbs. There is something I love about Algerian proverbs in the way that they are often so metaphorical and they draw comparisons to real life situations so beautifully. My husband teaches me these sayings and so often shares these jewels of wisdom with me and … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: People with No Benefit