HER Stories: Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell was a British woman who worked as a nurse in German occupied Belgium during the First World War. Edith worked as a governess in Belgium before she trained as a nurse in London. She worked in several hospitals in England before she was invited to set up a nurses' training school in Belgium … Continue reading HER Stories: Edith Cavell

My 2017 in Books – ‘The Hate U Give’ & ‘The Boy From Aleppo’

The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas Starr lives in an underprivileged neighbourhood but goes to a prep school in a posh suburban area. In her neighbourhood there are drug gangs and shootings on a regular basis and these things are alien to her friends at school. Starr feels like she has to keep the … Continue reading My 2017 in Books – ‘The Hate U Give’ & ‘The Boy From Aleppo’

My Dreams

In between the moon and the sky That's where my dreams fly In between the sun and the moon That's where my dreams bloom In between the sun and the stars My dreams stray too far In between my heart and mind's eye That's where my dreams cry In between the Heavens and Earth My … Continue reading My Dreams

Her Tears

An extract from my novel. Yasmin I was tired of crying. I felt the all too familiar sensation of tears readying themselves within me. I screwed my eyes up tight, refusing to let them roll down my face, as if it might make me stronger if I managed not to cry. I felt the tears burning … Continue reading Her Tears

My Favourite Female Book Characters

Jane Eyre of Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre was so much more than a love story. It is about the life of a determined and gentle woman who faced adversities yet never complained. First her traumatic childhood in which she was left an orphan, and bullied and ostracised by her relatives. She then … Continue reading My Favourite Female Book Characters

My 2017 in Books – ‘Code Name Verity’ & ‘Room’

Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein This book was recommended to me by my best friend and it's probably something I never would have come across otherwise. I'm so glad I read this book and there's nothing I love more than a recommended book! Code Name Verity was set in WWII about two women and their … Continue reading My 2017 in Books – ‘Code Name Verity’ & ‘Room’

The Ones whose Hearts are Torn

Allah said: I am with the ones whose hearts are torn Hadith Qudsi Allah is with the ones whose hearts are torn. He is with those souls who can't sleep at night from the pain of their broken hearts. Those ones whose hearts have been trodden on and left with a reminder. Hearts in shreds, battered … Continue reading The Ones whose Hearts are Torn

The Power of Pain

When you have a wound, an injury or an ailment of any kind,  whether it be in the form of the physical, psychological, spiritual or of the heart, the presence of the pain can have a power over you. When you think about the pain you pay some of your attention to the injury and … Continue reading The Power of Pain