Dead Leaves

Day 17 of the October writing prompt challenge Dead Leaves With the summer long gone, the winter was readying herself In the mean time Dead Leaves were surrounding them Broken routines were promising new adventures Of snow and torrential rain, storms and winds with new horizons Dead leaves scattering themselves over every terrain Vivid in … Continue reading Dead Leaves



Day 16 of the October writing prompt challenge. I’m cheating today as I’m recycling an old post which was entitled ‘Her Tears’ which is an extract from the novel I’m writing... TearsAn extract from my novel. Yasmin I was tired of crying. I felt the all too familiar sensation of tears readying themselves within me. I … Continue reading Tears


Day 15 of the October writing prompt challenge Calm The calm before the storm Quiet and still and waiting Knowing Expecting But calm The calm after the passion Recovering and learning lessons Content Breathing And calm The calm in between the anxieties Safe and full of wisdom Experienced Trusting And calm The calm after the … Continue reading Calm

HER Stories: Anisah and Sabrina – Part I

This was published in Issue 4 of Unread, a new up and coming magazine which has a wide range of articles from recipes, current affairs, travel pieces and creative writing. I hope you enjoy part 1 of this short story and please check out the magazine! 🙂   Sabrina was her ride or die. Sabrina … Continue reading HER Stories: Anisah and Sabrina – Part I


Day 13 of the October writing prompt challenge! Unwritten My future self sits at the table, or sits by the window, or on the sofa... With one of my many notebooks and a pen in my hands, or my laptop, or a scrap piece of paper... And I write the words that come to me, … Continue reading Unwritten


Day 12 of the October writing prompt challenge. My BFF From those days in the playground, I remember how we used to play make believe... acting out every scene that our young minds could think of. How our young and innocent hearts planned out our entire lives. How people used to think we were twins … Continue reading My BFF


Day 11 of the October writing prompt challenge Rehab Just one more, that's what he always told himself, just this one more and then that will be it. He really meant it every time, he really tried. Each time he reached for that bottle, he hated himself a little more. And then he told himself, … Continue reading Rehab


Ok I missed a couple of days but here's day 10 of the October writing prompt challenge. Fire The fire in her bones kept her feet moving when the world made her tired. The fire in her eyes kept her looking for good in the world that only showed her the bad. The fire in … Continue reading Fire